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Imagine knowing exactly how you are doing at all times. Track profitability by crop years, and make smart decisions based on reliable data rather than "best guess".

AgMpower is the result of of several years of planning and reworking, researching and testing with end-users. Numerous software programs have been designed to aid business managers, financial planners and accountants. AgMpower is an innovative management program designed especially for agribusiness professionals.

    • 5 easy steps to measured profit.
    • Our specialized What If? Advisor eliminates guess work.
    • Make decisions based on your cost of production.
    • Track your progress.
    • Benchmark against your peers.
    • Save time with advisors.


Customer Testimonials
Read what AgMpower users are saying about our software and how it is helping them manage their farms and make more profit.


I kinda know this stuff. But it sure is nice to see it in writing, organized and when I am off track. I feel much better about my decisions.

- Roger Corrivieau


I really like the easy-to-use format of AgMpower because virtually anyone can understand it. There are areas I thought I could reduce costs, but when I see I am in line with averages, I turned my attention to other areas of the farm.

- Kenton Possberg, named Saskatchewan's Outstanding Young Farmer at the 2006 Western Canada Farm Progress Show


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